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Make Business Easy With Us

  • By Admin
  • Feb 26, 2018

Finding information has definitely become easy in this connected digital world with the help of lot of applications. However, we still find it difficult at times finding the apt and right information we are looking for. Most of the information doesn't get updated to cater to the specific search requirement that arise from time to time.

HopZop is here to provide you with the latest real time information. It offers a platform where business partners can update information at real time. Be it Open/Close Status of a shop or to know location(for a mobile food truck), we provide all that and much more, all at real time.

“Discover right, engage better, save more…Life Simplified”

Providing the latest real time information is utmost critical when it comes to Customer Experience ,Satisfaction and for building customer loyalty. This is paramount but has been a challenge all times. We want to empower business owners (Business Partners as we would like to look at) with a platform to do so. We are embarking on a journey along with our partners to provide a world class platform to do so.